Our Values


Dance Extensions Performing Arts Center provides a unique experience, with both dance and contortion curriculums, in a healthy and friendly environment that offers many opportunities for both recreational and competitive dancers. With a well-trained and educated staff, students will learn the importance and discipline of the performing arts.

Our goal as dance instructors is to empower and define self-esteem, discipline, creativity, teamwork, and self-respect. Our studio is a close community of families dedicated to supporting the growth and success of their talented children.

Dance Classes in Canonsburg, PaWhat we don’t teach at DEPAC is favoritism, drama or competition within the studio. We believe whole heartedly that DEPAC should be a safe, respectful and a fun place away from stress, bullying and other everyday stresses kids face on a daily basis. We love our families. Every student is important, whether she dances 30 minutes per week or 10 hours.