DEPAC Contortion

Technique: Learned many techniques. I use a combination of Ukrainian, German and Mongolian

Philosophy: Stretch what you strengthen and strengthen what you stretch. Safety is number one
and proper safe techniques are always used.

History to present: Did my own research and travel as well as bringing in the best in the business to educate
myself and my students, including Ska von Schoning, Alixa Sutton, Otgo Waller, Enhkee T Smith, Karen Rudiger, Nathalie Yves Gaulthier, Adam Wooley,Olga Pikhienko and more… for the safety of my students.

ICC: 2016 will be our 4th ICC. Many connections made at ICC to Cirque Du Soliel and Trainers from all around the world. My students have performed as both students and professionals at ICC. Televised on local morning talk shows in Las Vegas and have appeared in a Las Vegas event magazine.

Why I started: I started educating myself in contortion because of my curiosity of achieving such flexible positions. As a dancer my entire life, limited exposure to other genres of the arts left me feeling stale and bored. Ballet seemed an ideal partner to most of the contortion poses. The more I learned the more I wanted to educate myself on the safe techniques of achieve such beautiful positions. Which brings me to todays amazing experiences tampering in the world of the circus arts.

Why I love it: Mostly because people in general are more helpful and kind in the circus community as compared to the dance world. I feel appreciated. My entire life I wanted to be different. With so few people in the world specializing in contortion, I feel I have achieved just that. My students no matter what age build confidence with the unusual art I specialize in when they see improvement.
I am right where I am supposed to be.