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As DEPAC enters into it’s 20th year, I’m doing a little reflecting, and I can tell you in 100% honesty I am PROUD of what has been created within this family-oriented studio. We hardly advertise, all students are mostly word of mouth, and yet, our rooms are busy, which speak volumes. I can also tell you DEPAC was built from the ground up.  No dancers with extensive experience were handed to me in the beginning, as I humbly started in a room in the YMCA with 13 students. I am proud to say I have never solicited children from other studios.  Kids come to DEPAC because they are drawn to our program, not because they are asked to come. While I whole-heartedly believe in our students, teaching staff, and program, two things come to mind when I think as the company as a whole. One: bringing Dawn Churney in as co-director was the smartest decision I ever made professionally. Her choreography is amazing. She is also a compassionate, talented human being & friend. Two: what stands out to me the most after all these years is not the wins, the opportunities or the performances. It’s the life long relationships I have made and still have with my students.  I have watched them go through the rough stages of becoming teens to adults, to starting families of their own and teaching their kids. Something right must be going on behind DEPAC doors that we still have these sacred relationships.

The future of DEPAC?  We will keep dancing, bending and cherishing each other like we have for 20 years!

– Betsy Shuttleworth, Owner & Director

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